PAESAGGI 4 Portraits in 4 Days

Created at Font d´Art artist residence in Osimo (AN), Italy, PAESAGGI is a serie of portraits that propose a topography of memories of the city of Osimo. GINO MAURO PATTY AND DANIELA ADELMO AND RINALDO

The Denial of Death :: Documentary Serie

Trailer EPISODE I – Lola Trailer EPISODE II – Lucia and Hermes   The Denial of Death is a documentary series created by Silvia Maggi and Aidan Jara. The series presents different people in contact with death – either through their job, passions, and religious beliefs – and their personal […]

26 de Diciembre

  See the movie HERE   Concept & Direction: Silvia Maggi Research: Silvia Radicioni D.o.p.: Silvia Garzia Direct sound: Kiko Monzon Sound Design: Manuela Schininá Editing: Giuseppe Boccassini year 2017 duration: 71’00”   #Brenda 26 de Diciembre Trailer  

What is Reality?

COMING SOON  Documentary filmed at OZORA in 2018 Concept: Giorgia Gaia Movie Direction and Cinematography: Silvia Maggi

Welcome Home

Trailer documentary “Welcome Home” Direction: Silvia Maggi Interviews: Silvia Maggi & Silvia Radicioni year: 2014 Duration: 30′ documentary Genre: GLBT/social Country: Germania

Wagenplatz Wuhleide

Short documentary filmed in September 2010 about the daily life at Wagenplatz Wuhleide. This documentary was only possible thanks to the help of Maverik, my dear friend and resident at the wagendorf and his friends. Trailer here