Innen heraus

Innen heraus” (eng. title “Inside out”, Germany, 28’31”) talks about the condition of being in jail.
Through a sensorial description of their permanence in prison Alexia Metge, Elz23 and Lisa invite us to a renewed reflection on prison situation and on our society, based on coercive and punitive system.
Their words, recorded through voice messages, bring us inside the prisons, while the camera and the animations explore the intersection moments of the “inside out”.

[…] it is hardly acceptable to engage in serious public discussions about prison life or radical alternatives to prison. It is as if prison were an inevitable fact of life, like birth and death. On the whole, people tend to take prisons for granted. It is difficult to imagine life without them. At the same time, there is reluctance to face the realities hidden within them, a fear of thinking about what happens inside them. Thus, the prison is present in our lives and, at the same time, it is absent from our lives.
[…] The most difficult and urgent challenge today is that of creatively exploring new terrains of justice, where the prison no longer serves as our major anchor.
Angela Y. Davis “Are prisons obsolete?”


Premiere at Divergenti Film Festival

Innen heraus
by Francesca Cogni and Silvia Maggi

28’, it/de/es; animation and video, Germany, 2023

With (alphabetical order)
Alexia Metge, Elz23 and Lisa

Camera and Editing
Silvia Maggi

Francesca Cogni

Sound design and original soundtrack
Stellan Veloce

Translations and subtitles
Maya Grassmann, Antonella Lis Vigilante, Mara Mahia

Special thanks to:
trans* Ratgeber Kollektiv, BLO ateliers, Alessandra Moroni, Chiara Galesi, orangotango

This project has been funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg Berlin