duration: 3’45” 2011 direction and concept: Silvia Maggi How to build a molotov and how to die. This piece is dedicated to Carlo Giuliani, the person who was shot dead by riot police at G8 in Genova as he and other demonstrators attacked their van, making his the first death […]


extract from videoart work duration: 4’59” 2009 video: Silvia Maggi with: Selene Cilluffo music: Ross Gardener In this haunted piece, a lone individual rips out their hair in an industrial wasteland as a symbolic action about gender discrimination. Screened at: Mix Festival, NY Officina Betti, Rimini, Italy Museum Carlo Zauli, […]

Untitled But You

duration: 2’28” 9:16 2009 direction and concept: Silvia Maggi music: Silvia Garzia Three bodies of women are overlapping , bringing in the spectator to reflect upon the narratives of female bodies, swinging in between cis-normativity and trans-identities. Screened at: Universidad O Minho, “Paisagens, Cultura e Artes da Contemporaneidade”, Portugal Farbklang , […]


extract from videoart work 2008 duration: 3’28” video: Silvia Maggi